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Designing an experiment

The ‘story’ behind this video is that my tutors were helping me to evaluate the lab work that we do with our first year students. It was created in answer to the students question “Why do we do labs?” Again the viewer is the fly-on-the-wall watching what is going on without the risk of being preached to.

By labs students mean cook-book type ‘experiments’ that are done in a dedicated room and have a formatted write-up. They do not consider the open-ended experimental design activities that we do in tutorials to be labs.

Resonance In A Rotating Tube

I must admit I am not sure how this works. In the video I propose that it is the speed of the air moving through the tube that changes the frequency but now I am not so sure. So let’s try and work it out step by step (logically).

What we know: The faster you spin the tube the higher the frequency it resonates at.

What we infer: The faster the tube spins the faster the air is flowing across the mouth of the spinning end of the tube. The end with the fast moving air will produce a zone of lower pressure compared to the more stationary end.

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