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The importance of words

In the introduction to LECTURE DEMONSTRATIONS & ASSOCIATED RESOURCES I was interested to read that,  "Students need to learn the precision with which the words of the discipline are used to be able to communicate effectively."  At a surface level this seems rather pedantic. Why such a strong focus on "words" at the expense of Physics content?

The cat sat on the mat!

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What does this mean? In the blurb that goes with the video Spring Constants I state that “the phrase contains more meaning than the individual words” so what information can we glean from the phrase “The cat sat on the mat!”?

1) The cat is alive because it did something – it sat.

2) The cat and the mat exist at the same time in the same place.

Spring Constants

The definition of the spring constant is the applied force per unit length of stretch of the spring. So for a constant applied force the spring with the largest spring constant will stretch the least distance i.e. the spring will be “stiffer”.

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