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Welcome to the site!


I teach physics to first and second year university students. In order to do this effectively I have had to gain a deep understanding of my topic. And, I had to learn how to construct a learning environment for my students that would allow them to gain their own understanding of the content and culture of physics.

Learning new stuff is hard and it takes time. Trying to do it on your own with little or no support makes it so hard that you could end up subjugating your personal time, sleep and health to make it work. While I, and I assume the wider scientific community, welcomes more students studying physics and mathematics, it should not be at the expense of the health and wellbeing of their teachers.

This website therefore has been constructed to help us, help us. It is a place where we can share ideas, discoveries, learning strategies, resources and hopefully in a short time it will become a ‘useful place’ for new and not so new physics educators.

Please take what you find here, modify it and make it fit-for-use for you, your students and your learning and teaching environment. Then feedback, what worked and what did not, so others do not have to reinvent the wheel.

Keep on keeping on,

Chris Creagh